Who can join

“The Actors’ Studio” is not exquisitely for actors or collaborators involved with the production I’m working on. EVERYBODY can take part. Whether you are an actor or neighbour or just curious… “The Actors Studio” is for everybody with an open mind and a need to find more peace and physical comfort. No yoga experience is required. My oldest student is 73 and the youngest 17.

HeadstandstreetsofNYC2-250x300Since the yoga word is spreading, more and more people are taking care about the quality of their life, and often people not directly involved with the theatre production ask me if it’s possible to take part in “The Actors’ Studio”. I encourage everybody to join. Yoga has helped to change my life fundamentally and brings necessary peace in my stressful life. It is a true pleasure to share my yoga experience.

Feel free to join. Just bring your yoga mat, a blanket and clothes that allow you to move freely. And if you have a meditation cushion or an aid that gives you more ease to meditate, you may bring that to.

tumblr_nbrhbjVUua1tknmgfo1_500For collaborators involved in the theatre production, the yoga teachings are free. All other participants pay 10 euro. At the end of the rehearsing process, at the opening night of the show, the sum of the donations is given to BETTER PLACE.   It is a direct support for organisations that help people in need.

If you have any questions, just contact me below.

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